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About Us

We develop AI mobile apps includes Android and iOS apps, provide creative solutions related to AI domain to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Our History

We started our group in 2023. In the year, we had only two engineers with ZERO apps and completed projects.

Our Achievements

Now we have done several AI Mobile Apps, AI projects and got positive feedbacks from our customers such as effective, fast, accurate, nice UI, etc.

Our Vision

AIPractix would love to become a great AI group, which develop AI innovated solutions go to life. For that we can help a lot users and AI-related projects.

Car control using deep learning (combine a few CNN models)

Some Fun Facts about our group?

Our Numbers

10000 +
App users
Completed projects
92 %
Positive feedbacks
1000 +
API Calls
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